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Beurer BeeldBabyfoon ECO+ BY-77 - 4211125952624

Beurer BeeldBabyfoon ECO+ BY-77
Kenmerken: Verbindingstype: Digitaal | Met camera | 300 meter bereik buitenshuis
Artikelnummer: 9200000035779928
Prijs: € 133,00
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Beurer BY 77 Baby monitorThere are many reasons why your baby's sleep could be disturbed. Beurer has developed the right baby monitor products with a cute design so that parents can relax and ensure the well-being of their little ones.Features: * Provides peace of mind - baby video monitor for quiet hours and save nights * EcoMode for low emission and energy efficient transmission * Digital wireless technology for excellent sound quality * Automatic video surveillance also in the dark thanks to infrared ? nightvision function * With integrated night light * Sound and motion alarm * Rotating camera * Range of up to 300 meter * Range control - signal if contact is interrupted * Digital zoom function * Intercom function - to quickly calm down your baby with your voice * Change battery alarm * Brightness and volume adjustable * Interference-free transmission with 23 different channels * Compatible with up to 4 cameras * 5 calming lullabies can be switched off/on by the parent unit * Transmission frequency 2.4 GHz * Parent unit very handy thanks to retractable pedestal * Wall mounted